Hidden Orchards Santaquin Utah

Hidden Orchards Grand Opening

Hidden Orchards welcomes you!

Established in 1927, the Rowley family began Cherry Hill Farms. Our orchards are a five-generation legacy of our parents’ and grandparents’ integrity, hard work, and love for doing what we do. Farming started in the Rowley family on a few acres in Orem, Utah. Our operations have grown since those early years to include multiple farms throughout Utah and Idaho. Over 100 years later we are still working together to instill a strong family work ethic, help one another, and grow the best quality fruit for you! Our team is made up of uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and cousins. We grow a variety of apples, peaches, cherries, nectarines, apricots and other produce. Learning opportunities are endless, as well as the family memories.

Form long-lasting memories here at Hidden Orchards. Allow our family and talented professional staff to create a day as special as your love for one another.

We then invite you to return to the place your story began to reminisce and enjoy the harvest season with us.